About The Chapter


St. Catherine High Alumni Association, SE USA (SCHS Alumni) is a not-for-profit organization formed in 2009 and incorporated under the laws of the State of Florida

Mission Statement

Our mission is to assist the School administration in achieving its ongoing educational objectives to enrich the lives of students and prepare them to succeed. We intend to develop life-long partnerships with our alumni by offering different programs and services that build community, enhance professional and educational advancement, and promote collaboration among our school and community members.


SCHS Alumni Inc. aims to ensure that St. Catherine High School continues to excel in academia, sports and excellence. It is our goal that one day no student at SCHS will attend the school without the basics needs to succeed. We want to emphasize the need to continue and enhance the mentorship program and commit ourselves to the development of the future generation of students, at a time when resources from the government are being cut from the schools budget. We encourage all past students to make every effort to assist the school in whatever way they can, but particularly through the programs and events organized by the Alumni Association. We also have a Facebook fan page to help connect alumni with each other. We hope you will become a fan if you are a Facebook member.

Organization Summary

The activities of SCHS Alumni, Inc. are coordinated by a seven-member board of directors. Membership is open to all former students of St. Catherine High School and Teachers. Meetings are held on the third Saturday of each month at various locations in South Florida. Each member is required to pay membership dues of $30.00 annually to authenticate his membership and voting privileges. In addition, contributions are requested for the various fundraising efforts.

The aims and objectives

  • To promote the interest of St. Catherine High School, in Spanish Town , Jamaica, West Indies, and those who attended that institution;
  • To uphold and perpetuate its teachings;
  • Provide mentoring the students to build self esteem and pride in the school;
  • Providing St. Catherine High School with needed equipment for the science laboratories, sports equipment, incentive scholarships within the school, partial scholarships to students attending American universities, Penn Relays sponsorship, providing financial assistance to present and past teachers and recognizing dedicated and outstanding teachers of the school;
  • To assist in funding a Health and Welfare Program at the school. The contributions will help to provide meals, transportation, uniform and exam fees for the most needy students;
  • To engage in fund-raising activities to obtain the means to assist needy students and special projects at St. Catherine High School in Spanish Town Jamaica.

Proposed Fund-Raising Efforts

  • Pre- valentine fete;
  • Easter Bun Sale;
  • Annual reunion picnic- a networking opportunity to increase membership for the alumni;
  • Annual reunion Gala- this major event will focus on fundraising to provide scholarships;
  • Thanksgiving event – to reach out to the local community;
  • Annual Toy Drive;
  • Solicitations by telephone, create brochures and other marketing literature for direct mailing;
  • Alumni merchandise, (shirts, caps, bags, etc)
  • Donations through PayPal on website.