Meet the Team

The SE USA Chapter is guided by a team of dedicated past students who have joined together with one purpose and that is to assist their alma mater. With this cohesive team , reunions are planned and executed with much success.

 Jasmine Clarke-BarnesJasmine Clarke Barnes, President (Class of 76′) 

Jasmine is a paralegal with Ottinot Law, PA. Jasmine’s history of volunteerism includes Presidents and board member of the several condo and home owner associations . She is a past secretary of Jamaican Women of Florida, a non profit group dedicated to help the next generation of Jamaican Women living in the US and Jamaica. Her year group the “76ers”,  “Reunited to Serve” the needs of SCHS. 

Annette Kidd, Vice President (Class of 80′) 

Annette, a marketing professional, Realtor and entrepreneur, loves to give back. She is a member of Jamaican Women of Florida and a Lupus advocate.

Nadine Harvey, Secretary (Class of 82′) 

A beauty industry professional, Nadine recently moved to South Florida. She however has been assisting the SE from afar and is a member of the Class of 1982, a group who has over the years, harnessed enough support to renovate several projects at the school.

Carol Hawkins, Treasurer (Class of 80′) 

Carol is a Registered nurse in Philadelphia. Carol, a great supporter of anything SCHS has been volunteering with both the New York Chapter and Florida .

Diane Holman Kiffin, Board member (Class of 78) 

Diane is in health care where she can demonstrate her caring and giving spirit to her patients. A member of the Class of 1978 a group that is leaving a indelible mark at her alma mater.

Cheryl Anglin Johnson, Member (Class of 77) 

Cheryl, a benefits administrator always finds time to volunteer for her alma mater. When not volunteering, she finds time as a travel consultant booking travel packages for her clients.

Petrona Clarke, President (Class of 78) 

Petrona is in customer service lives in Boynton Beach. She has been volunteering since 2009 and a member of the Class of 1978, a group leaving an indelible mark at her alma mater,

Garfield Forbes, member/volunteer (Class of 78′)

Garfield owns and operates a successful commercial cleaning business servicing West Palm Beach , Broward and Miami. Garfield is one of the very first members of the association since its inception in 2009. A member of the Class of 1978 a group that is leaving a indelible mark at his alma mater.

Dean Wong, member volunteer (Class of 84) 

Dean is an architect and resides in Jamaica. He supports anything SCHS and has organized his year group to assist the school. he has also approached his employer into donating to his alma mater.

Bridgette Ellis Apel, member/Volunteer (Class of 87) 

Bridgette a nursing professional and avid SE events supporter, volunteers with the group to best assist in fundraising. a member of the Class of 1987 who is also assisting the school in various sports activities.

Petula Clarke, member/volunteer ( Class of 88)


Verdane Wright, member/ Volunteer (Class of 92) 

Verdane, lives in Jamaica but his efforts and enthusiasm feels like he is right here in SFL. Verdane loves everything SCHS and is the founder of the Blue Sport events kept in Jamaica to help fundraise for the school.

Paul Robinson, Member/Volunteer (Class of 88) 

Since retiring from the US Marines as a Master Sergeant, Paul and dedicated his life to helping others. Paul is an Ordained Minister with Omega Church in Coral Springs, FL. He is also a Spiritual Consultant with Friends of St. Catherine, a non profit formed to help underprivileged children. He recently published a book Living The Dream. This book is about the life of a boy from Boy Scout to US Marines in conflicts.

Damian Dehal, member/Volunteer (Class of 99′)

Damien a retired army veteran lives in Houston Texas. a member of one of the youngest year group it is our hope others like him will follow.